Climb for Greece's forests
Climb for Greece's forests

As most of you know this past summer Greece suffered a terrible fire crisis, with hundreds of wildfires burning since early August 2021, after a historic heatwave for the country with the highest temperatures reaching 47.1 °C.
The total destruction amounts to 125,000 hectares of forest and arable land burnt, hundreds of homes destroyed and dozens of people displaced, amongst other tragedies.
What we're trying to achieve is simple. We want to raise some funds and general awareness of this matter, in order to help a charitable organisation with their reforestation efforts. The way we're doing this is by heading 4 hours West of Athens and hiking Greece's 5th highest mountain, known as Mount Giona and it’s snowy peak.
The challenge of climbing 2,510 metres (8,235 ft) will take place over the course of 3 days in late December. More details on the climb such as photos and videos will be shared by our group when we start ascending. 

If you love Greece, are passionate about preserving its nature, want to help fight the Climate Crisis, or simply want to see more trees out there, please help us by contributing a donation towards this cause. The proceeds will go towards supporting an organisation and their excellent efforts to plant trees in areas devastated by the fires.

Thank you and look forward to sharing with you our winter journey. Help us contribute to the reviving of our burnt forests, our planet’s oxygen! 
With love,


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